The Solstice 2019 June 21

The Day the Sun Stands Still

Neptune Retrograde June 21 2019

Sun Shine SwirlThe longest day in the northern hemisphere is the summer solstice June 21 at 11:54 am EDT or 4:54 BST. This is a day when the Sun appears to stand still and is considered a day when one can channel your will to manifest.

The ancients looked at the turning points, (solstices and equinoxes) as predictors of what is to come for the next 3 months. Along with the eclipses you can glean insight into the unfolding patterns and how they fit into your life.

The months leading up to the equinox can be very chaotic in the external world. The Sun in this chart is un-aspected; this is a signature of uncontrolled will and determination. Ideas of all sorts of what to do with your life can pop into your mind without any connection to your past skills or experience. It also can be getting burnt out since the Sun is going it alone w/o being connected to another planet.

There are 2 prominent patters, one is Mars with Mercury opposite Saturn with Pluto. The other Venus connected to the Neptune Jupiter square.

One the one hand Mars/Mercury opposite Saturn/Pluto can be extreme depression aimed at oneself and past choices in life. Especially if you are not content with your work or if you have been in abusive or controlling relationships. On the other hand this same signature is intense observation of the mind and willing to transform and cut out of one’s inner vocabulary thoughts and attitudes that cause inner struggle. Deep meditation states can be achieved while this pattern continues over the next weeks.

The other prominent pattern is with Venus, Neptune, and Jupiter and is a conflict between the physical or material world versus the spiritual world. This is a dream vibe for art, music, love, romance. Where is the romance in your world, and not necessarily of the couple kind but the type of romance that carries you away when you forget the time and the nagging details of what the chores of life require? This configuration brings a spiritual longing for what is possible, what can be. Venus in Gemini has a knowing that there are a myriad of ways, people, and things, that all are valid and deserve love and acceptance. This is an excellent time to set your intentions for connecting with others, friends, companions, virtual and otherwise.

AquariusNot to be excluded is the moon in this solstice chart. She is in Aquarius, another sign of friendship and with her strong ideals of how a better world can exist. The moon in Aquarius is also connected to Jupiter and Venus in a harmonious aspect suggesting that when we focus on friendships and uplift each other up with faith, humor, and non-attachment to outcomes the days, weeks and months roll by filled with joy.