Private Lessons in Astrology

Astrology Teacher

astrology lessonsAre you a student of astrology but want to take your knowledge to the next level? Are you timid about giving your own astrology sessions to friends and others? Do you want to be an astrologer but have not honed the skills of knowing how to talk about first into an hour  consultation? 

This is designed for you. A private lesson gets deep into the core meanings of a chart that you want to interpret. It may be a chart of a friend that has asked you to read their chart of a chart of a client of yours that you want to know the answers to the questions that they are seeking

What is required is that you first have a full consultation with me on your chart.

The cost is $95 per private lesson and is an hour long. Basic astrology knowledge is necessary as this is not a beginners course or instruction. This covers more complex and the psychological inner understandings of the chart and how to use this knowledge in consultation and in predictions. 

For more information email, text or call 404-932-8693