Taurus 2020 Astrology Forecast


Taurus you can rejoice in 2020 as the winds of fate are moving you swiftly on your path. Knowing how to manage the sails and steer the ship is your tasks in getting to the destination you want and not ending up feeling marooned and lost. Trust and faith are keywords for you this year. Venus your ruling planet will be retrograde and that in itself is something to pay attention to.

Let’s take a quick look at the important areas of your life for 2020.

Taurus 2020 Career and Life Desires:

More than anything this is a year of preparation and positioning yourself to be able to pounce on an opportunity when it presents itself. Saturn dips into Aquarius in late March and hangs out vibrating your career sector. This will clarify what you want and what you don’t want for your life and give you clues of what action to take for either huge changes or just a bit of adjusting to what you have.

 Taurus 2020 Love and Romance:    Your desires in romantic partners may be more whimsical this year than others. If you have a steady partner it can be that another person catches your eye for how different they are to the one you are with. If you are single then the person that appears most appealing may be much different than previous loves. All this is from an undercurrent of Uranus in your sign with the reminder that life is to be experienced. Individuals that have different likes and hobbies to share with you is one way to get out of a rut and have more fun.

Travel and Education: 

Jupiter is spending nearly all of 2020 in your solar 9th house of travel and education which means this year is great to learn something new. It also can be the completion of a degree or program you have been working on for some time. Whatever you are interested there can be a course of seminar that you travel to. Perhaps it will be an astrology conference, or a trip to the jungles of Peru for shamanism, or a conference in something to do with your career, there are many variations on this theme Keep your eye out for what appeals to you.

Taurus 2020 Finances and Fortune:

Venus, your ruling planet will be retrograde from May 13th until June 25th retracing her steps in your solar second house of money and finances. Shining her light for 4 months instead of her normal quick monthly passage in your finance house brings benefit and renewal. Of course it also indicates that you may be spending more time spending…. Or spending more than the normal amount of mental energy concerning you with the money side of life. (Venus will be in Gemini, the sign of thinking and options.) The most important aspect of Venus in your second house for this extended period is that she can remind you to use your talents and gifts to create an abundant future that you want.

Friendships and Connections: The Mercury retrograde pattern this year will be passing though sectors of your chart that are about people and connections. The first one in February especially so.  This is a year that you may be drawn towards individuals that are artistic, compassionate, and enjoy connecting over tasty meal and a glass of wine. New and old friends can suggest getting out to events that include music and movies. Even have a ticket or 2 for charity events for you to join them or gently coerce you into devoting time to helping a cause they feel strong about.

Passion, Drive, and Health:

This year is all about listening to your intuition for an uptick in your energy field that rules your passion, drive and health. It is no secret that when Uranus in in your sign that an unexpected event can come your way that rocks your world. Your gut will guide you to what will increase your vitality. If you feel ho hum about life, and no longer passionate about getting up and embracing the day. Pay extra attention when Venus moves retrograde. She is the ruler of your solar 6th house of health, well-being and work. Since she moves retro in Gemini, new ideas and information will cross your path that lead to a couple of ideas that when implemented increase your energy. Mars, which is the natural planet for drive and passion will be retrograde this year in your solar 12th house which will help you discover where, when, and how you can sabotage your best efforts.

Travel and Education:   

Jupiter will be in your sister earth sign of Capricorn, floating through your solar ninth house of beliefs and knowledge. Take advantage of opportunities to travel as they can lead to people and circumstances that are helpful. A new mindset helps you to realize when and how you can hold back on what is most important to you in your life b/c of old patterns ingrained from past relationships or circumstances that you no longer need to fear. This is a year to learn something that you want to know, regardless of whether or not it is geared to a money making occupation.