Taurus New Moon May 2019

The Taurus new moon is May 4th at 14 degrees of Taurus and connected (through midpoints) with Neptune and Pluto. This new moon indicates this will be is a strong psychic and intuitive time. Deep insights are revealed through meditation or when your mind is quiet. At these times you are open to the messages from other realms.

The Taurus new moon is always a time to reconnect with the earth, her abundance, and beauty that surrounds you. Finding time to appreciate your surroundings or keeping a gratitude journal this month increases prosperity.

Venus is the ruler of Taurus, and will be the star of the show for the new moon until the full moon in Scorpio on the 18th. Since Venus is in Aries on the new moon, taking decisive action towards what you want is the way to go. Simply be sure of what you want and be mindful of an above the surface impulse action that isn’t in alignment with your higher purpose.

Venus in Aries is not timid; in fact she is willing to go to battle to defend her loved ones or her beliefs. Granted she is square both Saturn and Pluto, and conjunct Vesta and opposite Pallas Athene during this time (read intense) yet this can inspire her to remove any and all obstacles to happiness through persistence and passion.

Relationships that have underlying major concerns may go through a rough spot during the next couple of weeks. Venus interconnected with Saturn, Pluto, Vesta, and Pallas Athene is demanding a lot of different aspects of life to be included, such as respect, deep soul work, acknowledging the need for independent growth and practical compromises having to do honor those things. Always remember that relationships are not just about you and another; the most important relationship we have is with ourselves, the one person that is guaranteed to be with us our entire life span. :>)

Mercury has just past the square to Saturn and Pluto, a trying time if you are involved in negotiations or involved with individuals who thrive on bullying through arguments.

Mars is in Gemini and out of bounds now, what that means is the defensive mode can be on heightened alert. Feeling scattered or having sleep patterns disturbed is one manifestation. Another way you may experience Mars is by being dragged into verbal confrontations defending ideas or beliefs.  A positive use of this time is to journal and/or be physically active while entertaining your mind.  A power walk while listening to an audio book will do the trick.

In spite of the intensity of Mars and Venus, remember to enjoy the innate lusciousness of the areas that Taurus is known for; art, music, good food, delicious deserts and creating comfort and stability in your life.