Taurus 2019

Taurus three of the four outer planets will spend most of 2019 in earth signs. The planet Uranus will be going into your sign of Taurus in the first full week of March. Uranus will spend the next six years in your sign bringing about significant change. However 2019 is a healer of preparation for you. The preparation has to do with knowledge and information. Wisdom will be more essential than facts and figures. However that does not mean that it would not be beneficial to you to take traditional courses or classes that will empower you to be able to have the career that will bring you security and stability in the next decade.


January begins with Venus and Mars and Jupiter in fire signs. You may experience people around you with tremendous enthusiasm for the New Year, yet you may adopt the attitude of slowly but surely and steady as she goes philosophy. Hey close attention to Venus and where she travels through the signs as Venus is your ruling planet. Yes she does begin the first few days of January and Scorpio then on the eighth moving into fiery Sagittarius until 3 February when she will go into your sister sign of Capricorn. Each month Venus will spend just under four weeks and each sign and as she travels through these various signs you can accomplish segments of different projects with her help.


The main theme for you Taurus in 2019 is to acquire the knowledge and information needed for you to change your life for the better. The eclipses will be happening in the sector of your chart, otherwise known as houses that have to do with education, travel, and your belief systems. This is an excellent year to remember and develop positive affirmations that embolden you to visualize and believe in yourself and your future. The eclipses happening in your solar third and ninth houses also can bring about a change in your transportation such as a different car a different way to get to work or even a desire to move in a more convenient location so commuting is more enjoyable. This year may also bring you opportunities to travel or to dream up places that you may travel to or even moved to for a better opportunity. This new knowledge strong faith and belief in yourself and life will bring you the protection to whether the upcoming financials global storm that appears on the astrological horizon in the 2020s.


Jupiter will be spending the year until 2 December in the sign of Sagittarius. Jupiter will be in the sector of your chart or the solar eighth house of other people’s money and debt that you owe or obligations that you owe to others. There are a few interpretations of Jupiter in your solar eighth house. One is that you may be eligible for more credit. Perhaps it is loans for education or a car, or a property. Listen to your gut intuition to find the right balance between the ability to acquire through loans what you want and the burden of the financial obligation. Jupiter in your eighth house also represents an expansion in your intuition. The house is generally known as the house of death sex, and taxes. If you are naturally intuitive this is the year where you can feel the presence of others who have already crossed over and passed on. It is also a year that you can enjoy the intimacy with a significant other more. It may be that your significant other is in a financial situation to help you out more.


Two significant astrological combinations this year are the fact that Saturn is in fiery Sagittarius and Saturn is in practical earth Capricorn and neither of them are able to communicate or see or understand others point of view. Saturn in your sister sign Capricorn, where Pluto is also, can gently support you in moving you in a direction towards your goals. However Saturn in Capricorn demands a cautious approach and realistic outlook in whether or not something is obtainable. Jupiter and Sagittarius on the other hand does not want limitations nor does it not want to acknowledge failure as a possibility. How they are together in your chart and when you can use the best of both qualities that is when most can be accomplished. Developing your intuition and got while learning from the lessons of other people while you educate yourself in a more traditional way while believing deeply in yourself is the key of using these two energies in a positive way.


The Mercury retrograde this year will be happening mostly in your people houses. The first one in your house of friendships bringing friends from the past back to you in reconnecting with them in the month of March. The second retrograde of mercury happens from your house of home mostly in your third house of short travels perhaps taking you to little trips weekend getaways to visit friends. The third Mercury retrograde of a year occurs in November in your house of partnerships and this once again Ken be a re-connection with people that you have a variety of different types of relationships with whether they are coworkers, lovers, or potential business partners.


The year ends with Jupiter planet of opportunity moving into your sister sign Capricorn where it will continue to be for the following year opening more doors of knowledge and learning that will ultimately shed a light on the new future that you would like to create.


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