The Scorpio Full moon May 18th 2019

Taurus Full Moon October 2018The full moon is at 27 degrees of Scorpio with the sun at 27 of Taurus conjunct Sedna, a powerful symbol that brings an awareness and exposes various circumstances in life of wherever we have been misled, felt betrayed, let down, or conned. It can be a small thing, such as being disappointed in the quality of the pineapple that looked so good on the outside but was missing the flavor and sweetness that you expected to a larger sense of disappointment in life in general.

This can bring up an existential crisis of longing and seeking to rearrange your life in small or large ways to reorient how you are living your life with your current values.  Since the full moon of Scorpio every year reflects a time to balance out our values, what we want to do, how we want to spend our time and money, with other people’s expectations and demands on our time, energy, and money the fact that Sedna is involved makes the emotional component of seeking our divine place on the planet quite palpable.

Venus with Uranus for the full moon promises of sudden insights and changes in our relationships and unexpected shifts in what is important to us. Venus, the ruler of Taurus, is with Uranus for the full moon. This is an extremely complicated combo as on the one hand Venus in Taurus wants life to be predictable, sensuous and dependable. Uranus desires the unusual, new experiences, and freedom to change on a whim. If you are experiencing an inner conflict between wanting more freedom, time, and fewer obligations with the fear that the changes needed to be unburdened will be a threat to your security, then you are experiencing Venus with Uranus in action.

Pluto is conjunct another one of the newly centaurs discovered (1997) Chariklo. While the jury is out for the exact meaning of Chariklo, it has been suggested that Chariklo, who in myth is the wife of Chiron, imparts a steady wisdom and the ability to see a situation from the souls awareness and how it fits into our evolutionary journey. According to Nick Fiorenza ‘ Chariklo imparts a kind and graceful character and perceptual abilities. She has knowledge of healing art-sciences that allows us to look within and heal ourselves to bring forth the exceptional beings we are.”

From this perspective we can step outside of the inner conflict between the teenager in us and the demanding adult voices and make conscious decisions to shift our old scripts we play over and over in our head about why we can or cannot do, have or be.

Mars, the traditional ruler of the Scorpio new moon is out of bounds in emotional Cancer. A great way to work with this vibe is to put your heart and soul into making your home what you want it to be. Another is with gardening, community gardens, volunteering to help parks clear the trails, or anything that helps mother earth especially if it is connected to food source, for humans or other creatures. Mars in out of bounds in Cancer can sometimes be problematic, underhanded comments, passive aggressive actions, however he is in mutual reception with the Moon in Scorpio. This is a fabulous full moon to go deep into your emotional being to understand where, when, and why discordant emotions are bothering you and release old wounds, anger, and resentments.

Perhaps last but not least is the intensity and passion that the Scorpio full moon brings to help us reconnect with what we love to do. What makes you want to live? Scorpio is the reminder that our life in this body doesn’t last forever and to live your life with passion.