People sometimes ask if give astrology predictions… My answer is we have the ability to create our own life and future yet our chart shows our destiny or fate of what will be put in front of us as far as the choices we will be making. A forecast might be a better way of thinking about how to understand why an astrologer can predict when you will meet someone, when you will get a new job, and what will happen with your finances.

There is a fine line between fate and prediction. I recommend that you use the knowledge of astrology and the help from the planetary influences to guide you and support you in achieving what you want.

I offer an astrology transit report that will tell you what planets are around you so you can make the best use these influences on any given day.


Order your 12 month astrology transit report for only $19.95 you will receive approx 50-75 pages (depending how astrologically busy your chart is for the next 12 months) of daily information of what is happening and the interpretations to guide you.

This report will be sent to you as a pdf where you can download and print it off from your computer or save to file.

When I receive your payment I will email you and ask you your date of birth, time of birth, and place of birth. Don’t worry if you do not have your time of birth I will send you your report based on your birthday- (you wont have your ascendant or mid heaven but you will have everything else- still incredible help for your future) . I will then email you your report.

This is a great tool to help you. Want to know when a good day is to ask for a favor? A raise? Communicate with a friend? Your detailed report gives you the best days and times to be in the know.

No need to call your astrologer for a reading, use your transit report. This report could save you hundreds of dollars, instead of calling for a professional astrology reading you will have in your hands and know your astrology forecast for a whole year.

Buy now, When I receive your notice I will email you back ASAP for you birth info or add your birthday, time (am or pm) and place of birth in the special instructions section in Pay Pal . $19.95

12 Month Transit Report $19.95
I love the transit report Donna sent me; there are so many times I have referred to it and it saved my butt!! Zach
I recommend getting the transit report- it is my guide- I use it everyday and it helps me plans things I want and need to get done. ~Charlene