Astrology Transits

Astrology transits are a term used by astrologers that refer to where the planets are positioned in the sky in relationship to your astrological chart. The planet is in transit, moving on its way to another location. As we look up at the night sky from our position on earth we can watch the movements of the planets in relationship to our own movement as the earth orbits around the Sun.

To find out what astrology transits you are under you look at the relationship between the planets in the sky to the planets in your natal horoscope. All planets are positioned somewhere on a 360 degree wheel, the 12 astrological signs each have 30 degrees equaling 360 degrees. The transits that have the most impact are from the planets that are furthest away from the Sun to your personal or inner planets. Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto (even though Pluto was demoted) have the biggest impact as far as changes happening in your life. The inner planets (Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars and Mercury) transiting your chart, or where the planets were on the day and time you were born do not have the same impact as the outer planets.

For example, if you are under the astrology transit of Saturn conjunct your Sun then the influence of Saturn is impacting the meaning of your Sun. The Sun symbolizes our well being, our vitality, what we do with our lives, such as our job. When you have a Saturn transit to your Sun you are under a time frame where the influence of Saturn, seriousness, responsibility, hard work, is pressuring your Sun. This usually impacts work and health, if you aren’t doing what you need to do then work and health can become burdensome and troublesome. You might change jobs or find that an issue comes up around your health. Because Saturn’s orbit around the Sun is close to 29 years Saturn transits to your Sun will be in orb for about seven months.

In contrast the astrology transit of the Sun to your natal Saturn will last only one day. You may not be at your best that day, feel a bit under the weather or have a difficult day at work but in general it will not alter your life. Whereas the astrological transit of Saturn to your Sun can alter your life; you could decide to switch careers and start a new job.

When you are studying your astrology transits first pay attention to the outer planets to the inner planets. Look for the exact degree of the outer planets that corresponds to the exact degree of your inner planets. The powerful astrology transits are felt with the exact degree (same number, not sign) and at a hard angle to your natal chart. The hard angles are 90 degrees, (a square) 180 degrees (an opposition) 0 degrees (a conjunction) and 45 degrees (a semi square). The tension from these astrology transits give enough push to create significant tension to want or need to make changes in your life.

The changes that will happen under astrology transits depend upon the individual transit and the fate or destiny in your natal chart. These energies are a reflection of what is happening in your personal life. When you learn astrology you can know how best to use the influence of the planets so you go with the flow and not fight the natural progression of positive changes in your life.


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