Uranus in Aries

Uranus entered Aries on May 27 2010. Uranus has an eighty four year cycle; in your personal chart you will not have your Uranus return until you are 84 years old. Uranus transits in your personal chart want change, new experiences, and to shake free of restrictions you have pick up along the way that are holding you back. When Uranus enters a new sign it will carry with it the trends and tendencies of that sign and incorporate it within the intrinsic character of Uranus.

Uranus wants to shake things up and to change the status quo; Aries is the warrior, here to teach us bravery and the value of taking action quickly. Many people with a strong Aries component; whether it is the Sun, Moon or Venus will jump into something then jump back out of it. Exclaiming, what was I thinking! Yet the courage it takes to try the unknown, to go for something that is a spur of the moment decision also can create a chance to have something others were too cautious to attempt. A well develop Aries quality would be the willingness to take the risk and be the first to jump into the waters, and sometimes just as quick to jump out.

Uranus, the planet of sudden and unexpected change enters into Aries May 27 2010. August 13 2010 Uranus will retrogrades back into Pisces until March 11 2011 at which time it will stay in Aries for the next several years. It is important to analyze the chart when Uranus enters Aries as well as the interpretation of Uranus in Aries which is highly independent, self-reliant, self-willed, and rebellious.

This energy is suggesting it is time to kick up your heels and raise a little hell. Speak your mind, share your anger and be willing to stand up for what you think is best. Tell time-honored traditions and customs to take a hike and pioneer new ideas and ways of doing things. We are going to learn how to take swift action on something we want. No more waiting around to see how we feel about it days later, this is truly a time when the early bird does gets the worm.

The first ingress chart in May, Jupiter in Pisces is in its ruler ship; a distinction no other planet has and conjunct the fixed start Scheat. Uranus recently passed over the same point, Scheat is the star of sorrow and suffering. This is indicating that the first months that Uranus is in Aries there will be situations on the planet that result in suffering and problems. Natural disasters will be kicked up a notch and in places that are not always expected, or happening suddenly or at a time that is unusual for the occurrence.

Other important aspects in the initial chart show Mars, the ruler of Aries in Leo opposite Neptune. Mars in Leo is very proud, does not like to be wrong and will fight to win. One can conclude that many egos will be bruised and battered over individual wills. Who is right? Is it worth it?

The best way to work with this astrology vibration is to listen to your inner voice and be true to your own calling. Where do you need to break free from old patterns and be courageous to embrace something important to you? What are your inner rumblings that silently (or not so silently) scream for the chance to do something willful and not what has been expected from you? Are you tired of towing the line and sacrificing who you want to be for a reason you no longer remember?

Yes a few egos may be hurt or bruised when suddenly a friends realizes that you do not want to revolve your life around their whims. Remember this energy is a two way street. Someone in your life may no longer go along with what you want. However this shake up does not need to be the demise of good friendships or relationships. It is time to give the people in your life a break and trust that they will be fine going it alone and so will you.

You may be attracted to new groups or organizations that rally around a cause or are very eclectic by nature. Also groups and organizations that promote adventurous hobbies will come into their glory.

Adventure is a relative term, for some of us it can be dining in a restaurant we would not dare try and for others it can be a trip of a life time. What is your great adventure? What do you think you can not do? What would take courage and a risk, big or small, for you to accomplish. The next 3 months are giving us a peek at this energy, a precursor of what is to come. Heads up everyone; it is time to test the water and get ready for the time of your life.

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