Uranus in Taurus Predictions

Uranus in Taurus The Great Financial Revolution



Sun moon Stars astrologyUranus in Taurus arrives May 15th 2018. Uranus is the planet of awakening, the rebel, the change agent is moving into Taurus, the sign that encourages us to appreciate the earth, art, food, sensuality, material possessions and craves financial security. Uranus is an 84 year cycle, which means wherever your Uranus is in your chart, it won’t return to your natal placement until you are 84 years old. Uranus spends about 7 years in each sign, making a big statement when it travels through that area. 

Over the next 7-8 years we will see tremendous change in how we feel about our material and financial well being. Taurus wants security, and Uranus wants freedom. When Uranus enters into the land of Taurus, it acts as a charismatic revolutionary oratorio inspiring peoples to own their own values. The last cycle of Uranus in Taurus in the early 1930’s to 1942 people were inspired by speeches, from the speeches of Franklin Roosevelt with the famous quote “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself” to Winston Churchill rousing oratory of June 4th 1940 “We Shall Fight on the Beaches” speech that brought hope to the people of Britain who were about to be crushed by the advances of Hitler.  The foundation of Taurus is the land, the earth. We celebrate earth day in the early part of the sun in Taurus cycle. The keywords as we experience the Uranus transit in Taurus will be the awakening of our appreciation of all that surrounds us.

Massive Change in How We Spend Money and Appreciation of What We Own

How will the inspiring revolutionary leader, Uranus, disrupt everyday life? Even though Uranus is known to bring sudden events, in Taurus Uranus will be moving a bit slower, by the end of the sojourn one can look back and be shocked at all of the adaptations made in the previous seven or eight years. These changes include an acute awareness of what you want to spend your money on, how much you are willing to be in debt, and how you can have more of life’s good things by adapting to a shared economy. Perhaps renting or swapping out your home while you are on vacation is not such a bad idea after all. Of course the Taurus side will safe guard ones precious possessions and tuck them away. Uber and Lyft have already made a big impact for those who want to use their vehicles as a job to make money: yet leasing your car when you are not using it is another aspect of this new economy that Uranus in Taurus brings. Swapping clothes for special occasions, or renting that expensive gown and handbag rather than owning it will become more and more common.

UranusThe land (sign) of Taurus appreciates material things. It is pleasant to have at your disposal articles of use that bring comfort and convenience to your life. Uranus likes technology and invention. Another wave of technological advancement in our material possessions is about to happen. Have you updated your home to the latest wireless technology? It is on its way. We are entering an age of out with the old phone in with the new. Our possessions will have an amazing array of technology built into it. Luggage with automatic tracking, along with adapters and plugs built in. Cars? If you think they are technology advanced now, just wait until the last year of Uranus in Taurus, 2026, vehicles will be decked out with so many techno gizmos we will need the equivalent of Apple’s genius bar to learn how to drive it. Paying Starbucks with our watch will no longer be avante garde but old hat. Our appetite to have these cool products can swirl us into the “to own or be owned” dilemma. 

The primary goal of Uranus through Taurus is to have an honest evaluation of the burden of ownership. Scorpio and Taurus are opposite pairs, When Uranus enters Taurus Jupiter will be in Scorpio. Scorpio is connected with debt and obligations. Sure, the lovely 4000 sf home has plenty of room for all your stuff, but at what point does the weight of the mortgage, taxes, upkeep and cleaning outweigh the joy of ownership? Ditto with the fancy car with its payment or all the clothes in the closet whose department store credit card seemingly by accident reached its limit and you are now paying a hefty interest rate. After all, Uranus wants freedom, out with the old and not so much new is the motto now. A proliferation of get rich quick schemes will flood the market with financial gurus assuring their audience they have the answers. You will know the answers within and just how much feels right to you to shed or not to shed your possessions to achieve your version of freedom.                                                                                                                 

                                                              Uranus in Taurus and Art

Uranus in Taurus Inspire Art CreativityAs Uranus enjoys its stay in Taurus the vibe of art will be going strong. Be inspired to take up the paint brush, the potters wheel, the camera, the guitar, gardening, or any other medium that allows the muses to flow through you. Spending time and money on creative hobbies will be a luxury that is put in the necessity column. Speaking of luxuries, more and more memberships to various clubs will creep into the budget. A massage a month seems like a great idea, yoga studio, even your local hairdresser may begin to offer deals when you sign up for plans.

Taurus deals with getting in touch with your body, even though health is a Virgo domain, concierge medicine will begin to flourish under Uranus in Taurus wanting the best in dealing with physical body. BTW the part of the body that is connected with Taurus is the neck, expect to see breakthroughs in the medical field for throat cancer along with an unexpected rise in throat cancers and thyroid problems. (Hopefully the rise in thyroid problems will not be a result of crazy leaders of countries deploying nuclear warheads!) 

On a global level Uranus in Taurus will impact the various the fringe aspects of our lives demanding adaptation on our part to new ways of handling money, loans, property and a variety of other techno advances. 

Expect to see many traditional banks closing branches, opening on line banks to avoid territory regulations and other Uranus in Taurus Transit and Bank Moneychanges in the way we exchange money. Cryptocurrencies on the rise and fall as that market seeks to stabilize, most likely not until May of 2024. When the bitcoins of the day find their stabilization point expect to see mom and pop operations, along with some of the big dogs, request payment in cryptos and begin to be reluctant to pay the heavy fees of the credit card companies. ATM’s for bitcoin may be around the corner from you. The last transit of Uranus in Taurus in the USA during the great depression and after the collapse of the stock market and the domino effect of the failure of banks, regulators set up new parameters to insure money left in banks. This new cycle is expected to see regulations changed again to keep up with the new block chain technology and the impact that it has on banks and cryptocurrencies.


Uranus in Taurus and Technology


Uranus always involves technology since Uranus as Prometheus brought fire to humans to advance their life and free them from hunger and cold. However Uranus in Taurus is an odd couple. Taurus is a fixed sign and has to do with the material world. 3D printers will be very common by the end of the 7 years. Being able to make a 3D object from a printer will be used in all sorts of applications. There will be an advancement in creative visualization, bringing form from ideas into your life through revealed methods previously hidden. Holograms may become part of gaming applications. Uranus in Aries brought revolution is automobiles, with the revealing of self driving cars. As Uranus moves through Taurus there will be a back to the drawing board until the approach of the next sign of Uranus in Gemini in 2026 when self driving cars will be perfected and ubiquitous. Also as Uranus moves through Taurus new inventions for food and home production will take place. The old way of building may go to the back seat as mechanical means for replacing brick layers, or other workers become more common. The demand for affordable housing will create new markets in factory built homes as the quality improves in their function and design. 


  Uranus in Taurus and Love Relationships

Taurus is a very sensual sign and is ruled by Venus, the planet of desire and lovers. Uranus transiting through Taurus can have a profound impact on relationships. The last time Uranus was in Taurus, 1934-1942, many relationships were torn apart as a result of the great depression, men leaving home to find work elsewhere, people leaving their home towns or countries in search of work, families ripped apart from tyranny, and of course the world war killings of sons, brothers, fathers, daughters, sisters and mothers destroying relationships through death. The current transit of Uranus in Taurus should not be so horrific yet relationships still will have unexpected twists and turns during this time. Our concept of what a relationship needs to be healthy and happy can change. There may be more unconventional types of love relationships. Relationships may break apart due to financial differences, or stay together as financially more convenient.  Polyamorous relationships, in which people openly have multiple romantic or sexual partners can be more common and accepted. Deeper sensuous experiences in romantic relationships will be desired. Couples massages will be more of a thing and booked when traveling to get away from it all. The shifting sands in relationships will be finding stability while staying open to change. 

Uranus in Taurus Earthquakes, Fires, Floods, Hurricanes and Tornadoes


Earth changes, the weather patterns continuing to change as the earth adapts to warmer oceans and temperatures. Rising cost in insurance for homes as the wild fires, tornadoes, floods and hurricanes increase as a result of changing patterns of wet and dry across the earth surfaces. Another reason that can nudge home owners (and renters also) to find a way to have their residence be able to help pay for itself.  

There will be mass migrations of peoples moving away from famine to areas of the planet where they can farm and support their families, most likely in Africa and others areas plagued with water problems.

Historically it is helpful to look at the last cycle of planetary patterns. Of course, as in your own chart, when a planet comes back around it does not act exactly as the same as other things have changed. Yet it does shed light on the generalities of what to expect.  The last time Uranus was in Taurus was during a worldwide depression between 1934 and 1942. The world was experiencing heavy debt, mortgage, and failure of crops. This was a time of the rise of tyranny in the western world oppressing the citizens and aggression against neighboring countries, Germany’s Hitler, Italy: Mussolini, Russia: Stalin, Spain: Francisco Franco, Japan: Hideki Tojo. Who are the tyrants today wanting control and power? This current cycle that we are in also has a Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn new phase, (conjunction 2020) demanding a new world order and accountability of leaders in government and corporations. A sharing of the profits will be expected, demanded even and those who have abused their place of power will be replaced.

Uranus Transit in Taurus and Food

Uranus in Taurus Transit Food ProductionsDuring the last transit of Uranus in Taurus in the USA crops failed, the dust bowl was a common phrase used to describe once fertile fields and thousands of farmers fled or abandoned their land in search of greener pastures. The dust bowl was a result of bad management of the earth farming practices. How we have misused or abused the earth since the last trek of Uranus in Taurus, (since 1942) will become obvious. Have we allowed too much pollution in the ocean? Expect to see more news on contaminated fish with dire warnings of Thyroid problems. Continued problems will be from the denuded hillsides from forest fires and the consequence of mudslides after heavy rains washing away your home. Stronger hurricanes eroding your favorite beaches and damaging ocean front properties. The effects of the last 84 years of neglecting the earths needs will erupt inspiring action to mitigate future harm.

The 1930’s also had a revitalization program (the New Deal promoted by F. D. Roosevelt) to reignite the stagnant economyBridge Construction still suffering from the stock market crash of 1929 and the great depression by programs that put men to work while developing the land. Bridges and roads were built. Electricity was brought deep into the rural areas. National parks were developed. 84 years later we should see a reemergence of developing and maintaining the infrastructure set in place decades ago.




Uranus in Taurus 2018Taurus is the bull, in some way cattle and livestock will be impacted. Uranus is the liberator, on one hand cows want to be liberated? I recently read an article of a new technology (Uranus) that will allow a cow to hook up to a milking machine when her udders are full or when she wants to be milked. That is liberation for her. The other concern that comes to mind is mad cow disease, shortage of cattle, or food for cattle or simply a disruption or change in herding. Perhaps there will be a stronger movement towards vegetarianism and/or more humane treatment of the animals.



In conclusion Uranus in Taurus is a time to liberate oneself from the burden of ownership, much of it psychological. You may still have everything and more at the end of 2026 however your attitude towards the need for it or the obligation of striving for it dissipates. Uranus in Taurus’s desires financial freedom and the mirror reflecting back is how free one is or is not. Uranus transit through Taurus wants to inspire the artist in you. Create your environment as a masterpiece, make it beautiful. Appreciate everything that you can see and touch. Appreciation of the earth, how it feels when you stand barefoot on a warm spring day on a lush lawn. Appreciate the feel of a soft summer breeze across your face and the gentle warmth of the sun. Uranus in Taurus can suddenly awaken your senses as you acknowledge the luxury of soaking in a tub or the water pouring over your body in the shower. Uranus in Taurus awakens us to our body, our life, and our appreciation of the incredible gifts and beauty that is created from the raw materials of the earth.


The following are given by putting your sun sign on the ascendant and interpreting the passage of Uranus through that house. It takes 7 years to complete is usually is not seen in its complete manor until you have some years into it and see it in hindsight. The real Uranus impact with transits in your personal chart will be when Uranus is at the same degree as one of your personal planets. 

Look for planets in your chart that are at these degrees of your chart, especially in the fixed signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. This is when and where and what will happen according to which planet in your chart is aspected and which house that planet rules. 

2018 0-2 degrees

2019 0 degrees – 6 degrees

2020 2 degrees – 10 degrees

2021  6 degrees – 14 degrees

2022   10 degrees – 18 degrees

2023   14 degrees – 23 degrees

2024   19 degrees- 27 degrees

2025    23 degrees – 1 degree (dips into Gemini)

2026    27, 28 29 degrees.  





dr ariesAries: Uranus in Taurus transits your second house money. Big money changes for you.





Taurus GlyphTaurus: Uranus in Taurus transits your first house. Change in core values, job, genuine shift in who you want to be and what you want to do.




Gemini GlyphGemini: Uranus in Taurus transits your 12th house. Connecting with your spiritual self, sudden dreams of prophetic nature. Eliminating self defeating habits.




Cancer GlyphCancer: Uranus in Taurus transits your 11th house. Change in Friendships, new people coming into your life that offer exciting experiences.




Leo GlyphLeo: Uranus in Taurus transits your 10th house. Change in career direction. Sudden shifts, mergers and opportunities for you to shine.




VirgoVirgo: Uranus in Taurus transits your 9th house. New ways of viewing the world and personal philosophy and beliefs. Opportunities to learn and teach. Travel adventures to exciting and different places.




dr libraLibra: Uranus in Taurus transits your 8th house. Exploring secret sides of your psyche and changes in your perceive or real obligations to others.




Scorpio GlyphScorpio: Uranus in Taurus transits your 7th house. Sudden shifts in partnerships. Breaking away from relationships that have lived their purpose and opening to new people and experiences.




Sagittarius GlyphSagittarius: Uranus in Taurus transits your 6th house. Change in work and health. New routines that keep you fit in mind, body, spirit.




dr capricornCapricorn: Uranus in Taurus transits your 5th house. Children moving in or out. Taking up new hobbies, doing what you love, not just what you are obligated to do.




Aquarius Glyph SymbolAquarius: Uranus in Taurus transits your 4th house. Moving to new locals. Changes in your home and family. Uncovering family history and/or secrets.




dr piscesPisces: Uranus in Taurus transits your 3rd house. Sudden explosion of new ideas. Inspired communication. Sharing your thoughts with others. New learning and/or teaching opportunities.

Uranus enters Taurus 1934  and Hitlers rise to power.

Uranus in Taurus 1935 FDR the new deal

Uranus enters Taurus June 6 1934 Agriculture and land disruption (While “black blizzards” constantly menaced Plains states in the 1930s, a massive dust storm 2 miles high traveled 2,000 miles before hitting the East Coast on May 11, 1934)


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