Uranus Jupiter Conjunction

Uranus and Jupiter are hanging out together in the sky from June 2010 until January 2011. The universe is sending us powerful energy of Uranus and Jupiter conjunct in Aries beckoning us to embrace our fearless side. In September the conjunction is in Pisces and the final conjunction in January 2011 is also in Pisces. In February 2011 Jupiter will quickly pick up speed and hastens away from Uranus. We have three unique times to connect with the source and power that Jupiter conjunct Uranus brings.

The next Uranus Jupiter conjunction arrives in April of 2024 and occurs in Taurus; not Aries or Pisces and in 2024 there is only one conjunction. We have a unique opportunity of three powerful conjunctions within one year time in two separate signs. Why would the universe bring us the vibration of the conjunction in Aries first with a follow up in Pisces?

The conjunction in Aries is asking us to expand our awareness towards what we need to do for our selves as unique and independent individuals.

Aries is the warrior; the individual who faces their fear and is willing to forge ahead into uncharted territories. When Jupiter is in Aries the expansion of fearlessness can take on a reckless quality. However reckless in whose mind? The resistance will be in part against conservative concepts that promote the previous paths that are slow, steady and safe. When Uranus is in Aries it demands rebellion against the established conservative and control based thinking. The two together forge a union that can break through fear and grid lock in life to push the limits of what others say is impossible or can not be done.

This vibration is yours to capture and embrace. The exact moment of the conjunction occurred on June 8, 2010 and will be together in Aries until August 14th when Uranus dips back into Pisces. I would recommend you open your heart and mind to this gift and embrace this ability to become passionately fearless to fight for what you want and believe is possible for your life. We will not have another opportunity in our life time to experience and embrace this gift of such magnitude.

To get in touch with how this energy will help you ask: where in your life have you become fearful and reluctant? How much better would your life be if you were willing to take a chance and take a risk? Where have you lost out on something you wanted because you were too late? Some times it is only a minor annoyance; missing out on getting something on sale because you waited too long and it was gone by the time you arrived at the store. Other times it is life altering, missing out on having children because you waited too long before you tried to get pregnant. What are the things in your life that you will miss out on if you wait too long? A dream you have for a certain trip? Will it be the same or will you have the stamina to do it if you wait another 30 years?

What are your dreams and desires? Do you have a desire to go back to school and earn a degree? Will you look back in 10 years and ask what were you waiting for? And find that nothing has changed except you are 10 years older?

Uranus and Jupiter in Aries will help you. This fighting energy will prove useful for you to stand up for what you believe and say no to being pushed around by forces that appear greater than you. Where would it benefit you to stand up to what you believe is right and just? How can you stand in your own power and not be taken advantage of? Taken to extreme you may become alienated; be conscious of what you are doing and conscious of inner sabotage. Do you mouth off at your boss because you no longer can stand the abuse then get fired? As a co creator of you own reality take responsibility for manifesting your world. What part of you needs to be fired in order to do what you really want to do?

The next conjunction of Uranus Jupiter Pisces occurs September 18th 2010. For deeper understanding of each separate chart you can do an astrology reading for the exact moment of the conjunction. The conjunction in Pisces is with a fixed star that symbolizes sorrow and suffering. This energy is asking us to understand and be compassionate towards those who suffer and to help and support others who are less fortunate. I believe the universe first wants us to be able to actualize our independence, our warrior within before we enter into the Pisces conjunction. It is imperative that we go into the future strong and secure of who we are. Know how to connect to a place of fearlessness and have the ability to lead when others are in need. Meditate on this planetary configuration and channel this powerful force to help your life so you can in turn help others.


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