Uranus Transits

Uranus transits can be fun or a completely wild and unwelcome ride.

Uranus is the planet that rules unpredictability; therefore when you are under a transit of Uranus you will feel that nothing is steady under your feet.

Have you ever experienced an earthquake? Not necessarily the kind that pins you down and you are trapped but experiencing a quake while living your day to day life, perhaps eating breakfast, walking to your car in the parking lot or singing happy birthday at a party and all of a sudden something feels odd and then you realize the ground is moving and the objects in the shelves and building begin to rattle and sway?

That is the essence of Uranus, going along in your day to day life then something comes in to shake it up. When it is a strong enough quake your life may never be the same. The earthquake or shattering event may only take moments but the destruction caused can be with you for a lifetime. The best way to determine if the Uranus transit will be of greater or lesser magnitude is to be very honest with yourself about the life you are living, who you want to be, and whether your life is a reflection of those truths.

I call this transit the “nervous breakdown” time. Not that someone will actually have a nervous breakdown but when you are under this influence it is because your system is so sensitive to the electrical currents of the cosmos your nerves are more on edge. People who are born with a very strong Uranus in their natal charts usually are high strung, on the go, can’t sit still or do not need what others call the normal 7-8 hours of sleep. In fact there is not too many things are run of the mill or ordinary about a Uranian person. Many astrology books will speak of Uranus as the accident planet. That is because accidents are sudden and unexpected. A Uranus transit is more likely to produce a sudden change in employment than an accident, unless there are other indications of health issues found at the same time.

The best way to work with the energies when you are in a time of Uranus transit is to determine if there is anything in your life that needs a sudden shift or break.

Be aware of what is happening around you, do not pretend that everything will always be the same, look for ways you can expand what you do in the world. Take a new course, travel to a place you have always wanted to visit. Create your bucket list and make a serious effort to embrace your desires. Meditation is always a good idea; however with a Uranus transit you may find sitting meditation more difficult and an active form (yoga, tai chi) easier to keep focused.
Common Uranus Transits – Simplified interpretations- Complete interpretations take into account the whole of your chart- but here is a quick sampling.

Uranus transit Moon- deep emotions shake up

Uranus transit Venus- Change in relationship, romantic or personal desires

Uranus conjunct Moon- Sudden emotional break that creates change in feelings.

Uranus conjunct Venus – If you are single you can meet someone new and special

Sun conjunct Uranus transit- Happens once a year- good day to do something wild and different.

Uranus conjunct Sun: Desire to change life direction, many times in a new job or location.


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