Venus Retrograde

Venus Retrograde in Gemini: Holding onto what is dear and releasing what no longer fits.

New 584 day Venus cycle begins.

Listen up!! This Venus retrograde has several reasons why you will be saying goodbye to some things in your life and hello to a new start. She is in the last phase of her larger 584 day cycle. There is a loving and friendly yet self-sufficiency side being birthed in this Venus cycle. This will be a time of seeking spiritual friends that understand who you and reevaluates personal relationships that no longer have compassionate acceptance or a higher purpose in being together. Relationships evolve beyond likes, dislikes, and convenience as a reason to stay together.

Currently Venus is an evening star and you can see her shortly after the sun sets. However not for long, in her retrograde motion she moves towards the sun as the sun marches towards her when they meet up on June 3rd and seed this new cycle. In the rays of the sun she becomes invisible. This will be a time in her cycle of being in the underworld, purifying and purging. Venus is out of bounds, giving her a unpredictable wildness in these times.

venus retrograde start

Currently Venus is an evening star and you can see her shortly after the sun sets. However not for long, in her retrograde motion she moves towards the sun as the sun marches towards her when they meet up on June 3rd and seed this new cycle. In the rays of the sun she becomes invisible. This will be a time in her cycle of being in the underworld, purifying and purging.

Three Key Times for Venus

May 13th

Venus is retrograde in Gemini May 13th. The retrograde is part of a larger dance between Venus and the sun. She is completing a cycle she began October 26th 2018 when she was conjunct the Sun at 3 degrees of Scorpio. Can you remember how you were feeling then or what was happening in your life at the end of the year of 2018?

To truly understand this Venus retrograde it is important to take into context of the larger cycle of releasing and preparing for new ideas in our life that we love. This can be a tricky Venus retrograde as she will demand an intellectual understanding of what brings fulfilment in life and will sift through the myriad of options to see what to keep and what to discard.  (The new Venus cycle is in the intellectual sign of Gemini.)

This Venus retrograde is intimately connected to the planet Neptune, sometimes referred to as the higher octave of Venus. Venus will be vibrating with Neptune exposing that which has disappeared from our life and expanding our hopes, dreams, and wishes for what is possible.

Venus will be together with Vesta and Hygeia the day of the retrograde. Vesta is the keeper of the flame of home and hearth. Venus with Vesta will bring out love of home and honoring the flame within. There is a sacred component to Vesta and that she is with Venus self love taking care of home, and the willingness to sacrifice the extraneous to follow your burning passion is part of the message. Venus with Hygeia and Vesta is reflecting the covid coronavirus pandemic we have been facing. Hygeia is hygiene and the side of Venus valuing cleanliness and taking measures to stay healthy is prominent feature in the retrograde times.

June 3rd

A new cycle is starting with Venus conjunct the sun at 14 degrees of Gemini June 3rd 2020, with Venus between the earth and the sun (inferior conjunction). One of the most interesting signatures in this new Venus cycle is the degree of the conjunction, 13 degrees of Gemini 36 minutes is on the north node of the planet Uranus, unpredictability, rebelliousness, breakthroughs and breakdowns, and the essence of creating chaos in order to have a new more enlightened perspective. We will be looking at our relationships, whether romantic partners, friendships, family, or coworkers and if communication and intellectual connection is missing then the relationship might break apart.  

The new Venus cycle that begins June 3rd has Vesta and Hygeia are strongly connected in the chart, as it does in the retrograde chart however this seed moment it is with the north node of the moon which recently shifted into Gemini and where it will be for the next 18 months. This connection is reiterating that keeping the flame alive within and being mindful of hygiene and health will continue to be in the months ahead.

June 25th

When Venus shifts direct on June 25th at 5 degrees of Gemini that will be when we feel a more cohesive sense of what we now think and feel we want and need moving forward with the people we relate to. Venus will now be a morning star, visible before the sun rises with a deeper quality of leading the way. Hygeia is again significant in this chart as it is conjunct the sun at 4 degrees of Cancer. Eris, the goddess of discord and represents where we are totally P off over being diminished, left out, or ignored in any way is on the war path as she is square Pluto and Jupiter. Rage or anger over injustice is on the high burner. Woman (and men who understand social injustice against woman for centuries) will lead in voicing what is needed to have acknowledgement of needs.

Venus Retrograde for your Sun and Rising Sign

How best to know what Venus retrograde will bring you is to determine which house Gemini is in your chart or to use a sunrise chart which is looking at the Venus retrograde as if your chart began with your sun sign. Remember when you are contemplating how Venus will help you out during her retrograde stint consider how you would like to enhance or develop the traits that are in the house she is travelling through.

Aries: Venus retrograde will be in your 3rd house of communication, everyday skills to learn, and short travels. More zoom in your life in connecting with others. Check your vehicle; it may need a little TLC to get you back going where you want to be.

Taurus: Venus retrograde will be in your 2nd house of possessions, money, and resources. It is a time of a big rethink for your finances. Just how much do you need to spend to happy and content? The lock-down brought new insights on spending habits and now you get to do a reset for your financial spending habits.  

Gemini: Venus retrograde will be in your 1st house of self, your appearance, and how you project yourself to the world. The quarantine gave you time to focus on self and ways to stay connected above and beyond. You probably taught others how to use virtual reality to be in more than one place at a time. Now that Venus is retrograde in your first house of appearances and you are face to face once again looking your best is on your mind.  

Cancer: Venus retrograde will be in your 12th house of retreats, spiritual growth, and understanding hidden aspects of self that create problems. If your quarantine days were filled with anxiety or worry Venus will lead you to wisdom in ways to master the troubled thoughts and feelings. Knowledge that you have or books that bring a healthy perspective help. If baking was your go to for comfort during the lockdown be gentle on the self-recrimination when stepping on the scale.

Leo: Venus retrograde will be in your 11th house of friendships, connections, groups and organizations with like-minded principles. This is a fabulous time to get back into your grove and meetup with friends. The retrograde will bring people back into your life. However since there is a re-calibration of what you want, choose your friendships based on the values that are important to you now.

Virgo: Venus retrograde will be in your 10th house of career, reputation, contribution to society, and leadership. This is a time to reconsider if you still enjoy your work. If something is missing then the Venus in Gemini will inspire you to learn a new skill or perhaps start another project on the side that will transition into a business.

Libra: Venus retrograde will be in your 9th house of travel, religion, philosophy, belief systems, and education. Your dream vacations and holiday excursions are in the Venus retrograde reconsider path. Perhaps even romantic travel plans ready to be thought through. Long distance love interest? Conference plans? All is being shuffled around to find a way to make it work out.

Scorpio: Venus retrograde will be in your 8th house of sex, shared resources, intuition, taxes, inheritances, debts, obligation, death and regeneration, and taboo subjects. Money or lack of it can be perplexing and cause the hamster wheel to go round and round working out what needs to be paid most. Keep focused on the long term while not burning any bridges and you will come out fine.

Sagittarius: Venus retrograde will be in your 7th house of partnerships, marriage and others. Def a redo in the communication side of sharing your thoughts with your SO. It may be coming from them. Get ready for the “we need to talk” talk. Open your heart to hear what your inner voice whispers to have honest conversations that bring love and understanding in partnerships.

Capricorn: Venus retrograde will be in your 6th house of work, health, and pets. It is back to work as the new norm and Venus retro has a few ideas how the routine of your life can be more productive. Let your ideas flow as they will come to fruition over the next couple of years as the larger context of this new Venus cycle unfolds.

Aquarius: Venus retrograde will be in your 5th house of romance, dating, procreation, hobbies and fun. What does it take to enjoy life asks Venus. The retrograde in Gemini is giving you plenty of new ideas. Old avenues of what you enjoyed may be opening back up however something else will be inspiring you to explore. Ditto with romance, keep life interesting whether in a long term relationship or in starting a new friendship.

Pisces: Venus retrograde will be in your 4th house of family, home, subconscious, early upbringing, roots and security. This is a very interesting Venus retro for you Pisces. On the one hand you may be inspired to seek out someplace new to live. On the other the urge to make your space more functional will push you to find the time and energy to accommodate. Friends or family members are highlighted during this cycle. More communication and finding time to connect is strong. Keep the spare room ready; friends passing through town are anxious to enjoy your company.  





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