Virgo 2020 Astrology Forecast

Venus in Gemini will retrograde in your 10th house of your career zone and an angular house, which means this retrograde will be felt powerfully. With all the emphasis on finding joy with all the planets in Capricorn in your 5th house, Work needs to be playful and what you want to do, not what you have to do. Office romance doesn’t wind your fellow workers up the wrong way. Gossip galore if you are not discreet. Pay attention to the Mercury retrogrades, as Mercury is your ruling planet and in water signs, relationships go through many transformations this year. Hey Virgo Suns and Ascendants, are you ready for some fun? The universe thinks so as new starts are happening in your house of fun, hobbies, and romance.

Career and Life Desires:

Good news on the career front as Venus will be spending four months in your house of career and life ambitions due to her going retrograde this year. If you are not happy with the work you are doing then this might be a challenge since Venus is about what you love and value and if you are not loving your work, or do not feel valued you might decide to change directions and get a new job. With Venus up in that sector of career, you will be looking good for the position.

Love and Romance:

Great happenings in the part of your chart that signifies dating. The Saturn/Pluto conjunction is happening there and it wipes out what needs to go, (including residue from negative past experiences) and lets the light shine in for brighter happier times. Jupiter will be spending nearly the whole year in this sector bringing plenty of opportunities to meet people, most likely wherever you are spending time doing something you love to do. Whether it is with a group endeavor or a solo hobby. Definitely say yes to the invites from coworkers, you will meet someone at a party or event that will spark your interest.

Friendships and Connections:

The north node, a signature that represents events and people that enter into our life, continues to be in your solar 11th house of friendship until May of 2020. The north node spends 18 months in each sign, or sector of your chart and determines what signs the eclipses are in. What this means is that the eclipse patters last year and into 2020 have been bombarding your house of friendship stirring up the question of what you want to do about that area of life. Are your friends still friendly? Do you still have the same interest? Or has life taken you on separate journeys? May of 2020 the north node slips into another sector of life, the first 5 months will be well supported to solidify meaningful connections. July you will have Mercury retrograde in your house of friendships, this is a fabulous time to reconnect with friends that feel like family.

Travel and Education:

Uranus is making its slow trek through your house of travel, knowledge, sharing and teaching. In 2020 and over the next few years you discover new interest that piqued your curiosity and desire to know and learn. Travel to destinations that are unique or different from past experiences will happen. You will suddenly decide to learn a new skill, change majors, or develop a passion to learn something different that someday turns into your work. Willing to invest in knowledge becomes more valuable to you as you understand how it is going to help you in your future.

Passion, Drive, and Health:

Part of the fate of being a Virgo is to find a rhythm in your life that supports a routine that keeps you healthy. If you feel that you haven’t quite got the hang of keeping exercise and good eating in the routine of  your life Saturn is about to make it more real. Saturn spends 2 ½ years in each sign, and has been hanging out in your house of romance, creativity, and adding playful fun for the last 2 years. In late March of 2020 Saturn dips into Aquarius until July, which is in your house of health and daily work making noise about getting your energy on high gear to fuel your drive. This is in a holistic sense, feeling healthy in body, mind, and spirit. Since Saturn is in Aquarius doing it your own way is the best way. Mars stations retrograde in your eighth house which is passion and sex as much as it is a money house, prompting another layer of creating a day to day routine that promotes the energy to life a passionate life.

Finances and Fortune:

There are two parts of the chart that are specific to money. The second house and the eighth house. In 2020 Mars will be retrograde, which means that instead of spending its normal 2 month trek in any one place of your chart, it will spend over 3 times as long. From July through the December of 2020 Mars, the warrior archetype and the action planet is in your solar eighth house of finances. This house of money has to do with credit cards, loans, taxes, other people’s money, inheritances, and insurances. Basically with Mars spending 6 months in this sector, it is a time to learn from others how to create more prosperity. Yes, it is also a message to pay extra attention to your banking and who you owe money. The warrior planet hanging out here can mean that you might need to stand up for yourself to get your money back from a host of possibilities that can go wrong with the money side of life. 

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