Virgo Full Moon February 2019


When we align ourselves with the rhythm of the universal energy our lives will be in the flow.


Cancer Sabian Symbol

The full moon in Virgo is really early this year, just after the Sun moves into the water sign of Pisces. When we have the Virgo full moon (moon in Virgo opposite the sun in Pisces) before the Pisces new moon we are made aware of what to focus on in order to manifest with the next new moon. It is as if the universe is shining her light with the full moon on Pisces for us to see what will help us create the Pisces qualities with ease. A few of the attributes that Pisces wants us to embody are compassion, caring, creativity, music, poetry, film, photography, helping the less fortunate, and seeking connections with the mystical world and spirituality that supports our growth. 

This full moon is reminding us to let go of what we can’t change and find meaning and purpose in our life. What is being illumined under this big bright moon (super moon it is called since it is close to earth) is how to use our dreams and imagination (Mercury with Neptune) in our visualizations. Mercury is now in its shadow (the degree from which it will go direct at the end of March) and different ideas or concerns seep in that will be present during the next Mercury retrograde in March. 

Venus, the planet of what we love, want, and desire is caught and in-between 2 other planets, Saturn and Pluto. First, Venus in Capricorn functions better with strong boundaries especially during the Pisces cycle as issues come up that pull us in many directions challenging our standards. Venus has Saturn on one side of her reminding us of our responsibilities and limitations and on the other side is Pluto desiring to live a life of purpose and passion no matter what the cost. What is the balance between taking care of what we are committed to while allowing for transformation and deep change as we move towards our future? 

Embrace the qualities of Virgo, take steps to organize your life in small ways that will eventually have big impact. It is the little things done with consistency now that will pay off. The Virgo full moon, which is a moon of service and compassion, will help us find the middle ground which honors the fulfilling practicalities of life (ie paying the bills to keep a place to live) while making room for changes that allow a life that follows our passion and our souls purpose