Full Moon Virgo

March Virgo Full Moon

The full moon in Virgo is at 27 degrees is exact at 3:18 am EST on the 18th. You will feel the full moon the night before Thursday the 17th as she gets fuller and fuller. (A wild day for St Patrick Day celebrations.)

The Sablan symbol, (symbols for each of the zodiac degrees that were channeled by a highly intuitive medium Elsie Wheeler in 1925) for the degree of the full moon is “A bald headed man who has seized power.”  This carries an ominous tone considering Putin and his aggression.

The crises in Ukraine has pulled on the hearts of many and the full moon in Virgo, the yearly calling from the universe of support and help to those who are the underdog has special meaning. The moon in Virgo desires to help a situation, the sun in Pisces shines a light on the vulnerable.

The Sun and the moon are in a hard aspect (not easy energy) with Uranus, the planet that shakes up the norm and creates situations that demand being present in the moment as changes that happen are not always what is expected. Being present to what is happening in the moment opens awareness to be able to respond for the best possible outcome.

Venus and Mars in Aquarius are connected with the rebel Uranus by a square aspect, which is an energy that demands attention to resolve or push through to break free of the past in order to enjoy life in the moment. It is an “I want it now and I don’t care about the consequences” feeling.

Mars is in a hard aspect (difficult vibration) with Neptune, which is problematic for diseases, water problems, and is a symbol for chemical or invisible elements through the air. (Mars in air sign Aquarius.) Body movement of a yoga or tai chi type channels this energy very well.

In most cases this is a time when our energy is depleted and our body is more sensitive to chemical substances. With Saturn (serious tough vibe) at the midpoint, (vibrating sector) with Mercury and Pluto, deep introspective thinking, accessing information from deep within to formulate an instinctive knowing is at our disposal.  

The full moon, sun and moon is in a harmonious aspect, (easier to use) with Pluto. Pluto is known as the lord of the underworld, the deep introspective, transformative energy that will reveal the underbelly of what is not pleasant, face fears, and change.

If you are seeking a deeper understanding of an issue or concern in your life this full moon will help you to uncover what is at the core that is stopping the awareness of what step to take. It also reminds us to see what part of our world we may have a woe is me attitude, and reveals practical steps to bring resolution to suffering or frustration.

If you are overwhelmed in any area of your life then the Virgo full moon suggests to begin with one small step, even if it appears insignificant, and in doing the little parts of the larger whole you will prevail.