Virgo Full Moon

The full moon in Virgo: What to expect and what it signifies.

The full moon of Virgo. Virgo Full Moon

Each full moon is a time for us to reflect upon our lives. It is a subtle time to pause, take a deep breath, and experience the feelings that arise within.

With the full moon of Virgo, the reflection is to what we need to do in live to have the life we want. Virgo is the daily life of work, not always what we are recognized for, but the tasks that need to get done and the routine necessary to keep all aspects of our lives healthy. It is a time to reevaluate your daily routines that keep you healthy, (diet, exercise, etc.) as well and what keeps you healthy and happy emotionally.

The full moon, from Pisces to Virgo is connected to Neptune, the dreamer, visionary, and artist.

Thoughts can drift to wanting to escape, day dreams of a vacation, trip, or alternative life.

Yet under the surface is a message of transformation and change. It isn’t just about dreaming it. This undercurrent with the full moon of personal revolution stems from a subtle yet important connection to the planets Uranus and Pluto which are encouraging major shifts of consciousness and a birth into new realms of experiences.

Connected with this full moon is the recently discovered Centaur Nessus, who along with Chiron play a role in uncovering wounds to be released. Unlike Chiron however, Nessus has more of a dark side. Difficult thoughts can arise from memories of wounding events, frustrations and hurts that have thwarted your own dreams and aspirations. Especially if one was abused, emotionally or physically, or was a victim of fraud or deceit.

The veil of Neptune is covering Ceres, deception, deceit, or a disappearing regarding food sources and productivity may be revealed. Read the labels carefully and news regarding the sustainability of food can surface. Since Ceres is with Neptune in Pisces, this pertains especially to water, fish, alcohol, and drugs.

Reflections for this Full Moon

  • Is the work that I am doing supporting my overall well-being?
  • How deep is my compassion for those in need? How gentle and compassionate am I to myself?
  • In what way is my life an expression of service?
  • Do I have sufficient downtime to dream, meditate and rejuvenate?
  • Is your work life (Virgo) and your creative life (Pisces) in balance?

This Virgo full moon is the precursor to the upcoming solar eclipse in Pisces which will give more direction on how to incorporate the ideas that are revealed this full moon.