Virgo New Moon

Virgo New Moon 2019 Mother Earth Speaks

The new moon in Virgo August 30th 7:37 am EDT is creating a fabulous grand trine in earth. Grand trines create a resonance for harmony and unfolding. The trick to be able to use this help from the universe is to calibrate your vibration with the new moon. One does this through meditation and sitting still for as little as 10 minutes.

The grand trine in earth is with the Virgo new moon, Saturn in Capricorn, and Uranus in Taurus and an additional three planets in Virgo; Mercury, Mars and Venus. Whew! This is a very one sided element time and message to be grounded in a healthy way.

Mother earth is speaking to us at this time. Finding time to appreciate the gifts that come from the earth. A walk in the woods, or revisiting your favorite trail. Whatever area of the planet you inhabit the earth oriented weeks ahead are ripe for getting back in touch with nature. When we lose touch with nature we become distant and lack excitement or passion for life. Plus it is harder to tap into the guidance and help in the energetic cosmic field that surrounds us.

With Mercury ruling the new moon in its Virgo rulership the desire to learn more will guide us towards new books or courses that support our present and future work. Mars in Virgo is geared to actions in getting all the tasks done that support our daily lives. It is also a powerful motivator to exercise and extra happy if that power walk or spin time has an audio book to make the time more efficient.

Venus in VirgoVenus in Virgo likes life nice and tidy. She isn’t overly emotional so don’t expect gushy sympathy for love life problems that when analyzed are a no brainer that they didn’t work out. Your friend is more than likely to say, “What did you expect to happen when you knew you were dating a secretive married man with money problems and addiction issues.” They will then offer unsolicited advice on how to fix your love life. Realize that the critic can be within, this is a time to be both detached and analyze the complaints of life with love and compassion to the imperfections that come with being a human being.

To create a positive future we need to align with the natural cycles to create happiness in our lives. When we don’t know the meaning or understand the cycles around us we experience upset, fear, or chaos. When we do understand the divine cycles we can connect with the power of the cycles to help us in our growth and souls divine purpose. 


How to tap into the Virgo New Moon:

  • Get healthy; reassess what you eat and your activity level.
  • Connect with nature, invite garden spirits into your yard.
  • Purchase houseplants that purify the air.
  • Practice Karma Yoga, selfless service to others, ie. Give a friend a helping hand.
  • Plant a window sill herb garden.
  • Master a craft and/or admire the art of craftsmanship of quality artisans.
  • Challenge yourself to do something better than you think you can.
  • Do the work you love.
  • Organize your home, car, and office from top to bottom.
  • Clean out the old dated products; especially items from the fridge or cupboards.
  • Cleansing fast, green juices with root vegetables.
  • Be conscious of critical mind chatter.
  • Affirm the perfection of your life in the now.

health virgo 6th houseEvery year when we have the Virgo new moon it is a reminder to create habits that keep us healthy in the body, mind, and spirit. It is during this moon cycle that we have more power to create a schedule for work and health and be able to stick to it. This is a time when going within and having personal time for all-around body, mind, and spirit well-being allows one to emerge into relationships with love and service to those around you.

The new moon in Virgo brings the opportunity to reassess if the work we are doing supports us in the life we want, and whether there is something else we can add that we know we can become better and better at. Consciously offering your actions with the vibration of gratitude and service will give you the ticket to enter into the graceful flow this new moon brings.