July Astrology 2022

There is a saying “enjoy every sandwich” and this is what is being whispered from the cosmic winds for July. The first halve of July have Mercury and Venus floating through easy breezy curious Gemini urging us to share ideas with friends. This is a time to be curious; a time to try new things, a time to experience the whimsical side of life. Mars, the planet of action shifts into Taurus, which is still being about action yet in a more determined don’t rush it sense.

Early July is still riding the wave of the Cancer new moon that happened on the 28th of June. A new moon filled with promise and possibility to go beyond our old patterns, and release negative emotions that hold us back. By letting go of what no longer serves you an ability to step beyond the boundaries of an outdated comfort zone happen and we move into new circles and new places that resonate with who we are now.

Full Moon Capricorn

The full moon in Capricorn on the 13th is a turning point and has a bit of foreboding quality to it. What have you discovered in the last 2 weeks? Do you feel secure in your personal world? Are you living where you feel safe and feel at home? There is a souls cry to seek a life that provides you with the basic essentials of existence in order to blossom into more of who you are. The Capricorn full moon reveals what is out of balance between your inner world and the outer world.

Do you have a job that fits who you are and who you are becoming? Capricorn moon reminds us that time is of the essence and to put into place that which we need for now and for the future.

One of the strongest elements of the message in the full moon is the north node (point of destiny) together with Uranus, the planet of sudden change and unpredictability.  There can be mass disruptions at this time and not just from humans. The earth can shake, the oceans can roar, fires can run wild. For humanity the need to be free and do our own life unencumbered with rules, regulations, have to’s, shoulds, and other societal norms is overpowering.

Uranus with the north node continues throughout the month. This is a precursor to mid-September and October when Saturn and Uranus square off once again. Radical movements and protest around the world will once again create divisions. Be true to your core values and life your life guided by them and you will benefit greatly.  The chaos of unpredictability and conflict brings opportunity to evolve to higher consciousness, the true essence of Uranus, and anchor it into everyday life (Saturn).

The Capricorn full moon will shine its light on fears and limitations. Stay in the light and watch the cosmic drama unfold. Throughout time stories of good versus evil have captured our imagination. The story in this full moon is a fear energy involving Mars, Mercury, and Saturn- negative thoughts that attack. If you work with someone, or someone in your circle uses words to control, belittle or harm keep a strong bubble of light around you during the days before and after the full moon. If you find your thoughts attacking you in any form, take a deep breath and ask what is the purpose of the negative thought patterns.

The uplifting energy of the full moon is with Jupiter, Moon, and Venus, which was the predominate energy in the new moon of Cancer June 28th. Step back into an auric field of light, love, and joy. Reconnect with your inner emotional needs and connect with higher consciousness and feel the unending fountain of compassion and love fill your essence.


Chiron moves retrograde on the 19th at 16 degrees of Aries sitting with the Moon. This is time to acknowledge pain, frustration and anger and seek wisdom that is supportive in healing any situation in your life; especially any events where you have felt left out or diminished. This day includes the Sun opposite Pluto both square Eris, speaking ones truth is critical. Hypocrisy and outright lies will be dragged into the light of day and those who use power and control to their selfish advantage will be called out. In other words, it is an intense day.

Leo New Moon

The Sun shifts into Leo on the 22 with the Leo new moon on the 28th and coincides with the day that Jupiter is stations retrograde. Jupiter sitting still makes for a very powerful Jupiter instilling confidence to live large and with confidence that life will go your way. The sign of Leo, the sector of the sky that Leo inhabits, is about joyful living and following your heart. Once again Uranus is with the north node of the moon stirring up a universal need to break free from limitations and experience deep awakenings. These deep shifts can be internal and spontaneous aha moments. They also can be external events that involve Venus ruled Taurus earth elements such as relationships, artistic endeavors, financial shifts, and even changing thoughts about where to live on the earth.


In the new moon chart Mercury is at 18 degrees of Leo and is also involved with Uranus and the nodes by a square. Mercury, our thinking and idea process with Uranus will bring sudden insights that are inspirational yet fleeting. It is a good idea to have a way to jot down your insights before they are shoved aside with another idea. Mercury square the nodes is symbolic of being caught between a rock and a hard place. In traditional astrology this point is called at the bendings and can be a tough placement for the planet. Brilliant ideas are gushing forth yet are confronted with restrictions of carrying the concepts forth.

Mercury in Leo is moving at top speed and will end the month opposite Saturn bring a pause to what we have contemplated in the last weeks. A spark of intuition can ignite you into action, especially when you have been sharing time around friends that are whacky, creative, and unabashedly express themselves full out.



This full moon is a time to release fear and frustration from the past; let go and move forward. Cancer wants to be safe and can retreat from situations that challenge your comfort zone. Where do you play safe in life because you fear failed expectations or hurt feelings? Now is a time to challenge old patterns and break free from the cloak that once brought you safety but now is a deterrent to your growth.
Mercury is the strongest planet in the sky now (in its rulership), and is in a harmonious connection between Uranus and the Jupiter/Venus conjunction. In quiet moments you can have sudden insights that open up new possibilities to love and a happy heart. This can come through suddenly recognizing what your next step is, or from clearing out negative thoughts that have blocked your path.

Affirmations for the Capricorn Full Moon.
My work life and home life is in balance and brings me satisfaction.
I let go of any feelings of embarrassment or regrets from the past.
My emotional body is healthy. Others emotional tantrums do not alter my inner emotional space.
I am motivated to do what is needed for personal and professional growth.
I make time to listen to my higher self and open my mind and heart to new insights.
I feed my body mind and spirit nourishing food.
I surround myself with respectful caring individuals.

July is filled with several significant astrological events, including the Venus retrograde and Uranus station retrograde.


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