July Astrology 2024

Cancer 2019July 1st begins with Neptune, the fantasy planet that wants us to be creative in imagining our ideal world, stationed retrograde. This is a time when the planets rays are very strong beaming down on earth. Mercury on the first day of July also is making its appearance into Leo our thinking can be grandiose with many ideas of how to bring our life into more of what we would like it to be.

Cancer New Moon July 5th

The new moon in Cancer is conjunct the fixed star Sirius, the bright star in the night sky. This is a reminder that we will have moments to shine in our life yet be careful to not burn so bright that you get burnt out.

The new moon is sandwiched between two fourth dimension planets, (a term used by astrologer Eileen Nauman) Hades and Kronos. The new moon shines brightly with Sirius, yet has the undercurrent of Hades, asking us to leave behind what no longer serves us and Kronos which asks us to go beyond average reach for higher stakes.  Jupiter is with the fixed star Alderbaran, one of the four royal fixed stars associated with the archangel Saint Michael and is known to impart riches and honors.

The key to connecting with the power of the new moon is to be aware of your emotional body and release all negative feelings, memories, suffering and blocks that have accumulated from events, situations, and people along the path in life.

Connect with the Moon’s Energy: Imagine the energy of the new moon above you, shining softly. Visualize this lunar light filling your body with its nurturing, calming energy. Set Intentions: Focus on what you want to nurture in your life. This could be relationships, self-care practices, or emotional healing.

Dance LeoVenus in Leo July 11th Mars in Gemini July 20th

Venus moves into warm loving Leo on the 11th paving the way to choose enjoyment and fun. Mars will enter Gemini on the 20th bringing more banter and good conversations. With Venus in fun loving Leo and Mars in less experience life Gemini it is a good time to branch out and say yes to invitations.

July 21st Capricorn Full Moon @ 29 degrees

The full moon in Capricorn on the 21st is the second full moon in Capricorn, (June 21st was the first one). When the universe sends 2 full moons in the same sign it is giving us a double message to pay attention to bring balance between our personal life and our professional life. The first Capricorn full moon was more of a gentle reminder, this one has Pluto involved, and whenever Pluto gets involved there is no way to ignore the message. Once again the urging is to release that which no longer serves you, let go, move on, and reemerge fresh and anew. It could be a new path in your professional or personal life. It could be letting go of old habits that keep you down. And it will include a quantum shift in thinking and looking at your belief systems from a new vantage point.

Sun in Leo July 22nd

The very next day on the 22nd the sun moves inJuly Astrologyto Leo and continues its travel with Pluto for the couple of days. The Leo season wants so much to laugh, enjoy, have fun, and most of all to follow your heart. Listening to the wisdom in your heart brings courage to let go and reinvent a life of more joy. This is the time of year to sing, play, dance, and gaze at the rainbows as if you were seeing them for the first time. Be amazed at the beauty of creation, appreciate and celebrate everyday life.







Mercury in Virgo

Mercury enters Virgo on the 25th in its slow approach to the retrograde in early August (4th). Mercury does love being in Virgo, one of the two signs it rules, the other being Gemini. Since Virgo is very work and health oriented thinking and rethinking our situation for work and what keeps us healthy begins to cross our minds.

The last weekend of July wants double enjoyment with the moon being in luxuriating Taurus coupled with Sun and Venus in Leo, it is time to kick back and soak in the beauty that surrounds you. Splurging is easy this weekend especially if you feel frustrated or not appreciated for who you are and what you do. It’s all good, just choose from your heart and let yourself feel deep gratitude for the little things in your life that make you smile.


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This full moon is a time to release fear and frustration from the past; let go and move forward. Cancer wants to be safe and can retreat from situations that challenge your comfort zone. Where do you play safe in life because you fear failed expectations or hurt feelings? Now is a time to challenge old patterns and break free from the cloak that once brought you safety but now is a deterrent to your growth.
Mercury is the strongest planet in the sky now (in its rulership), and is in a harmonious connection between Uranus and the Jupiter/Venus conjunction. In quiet moments you can have sudden insights that open up new possibilities to love and a happy heart. This can come through suddenly recognizing what your next step is, or from clearing out negative thoughts that have blocked your path.

Affirmations for the Capricorn Full Moon.
My work life and home life is in balance and brings me satisfaction.
I let go of any feelings of embarrassment or regrets from the past.
My emotional body is healthy. Others emotional tantrums do not alter my inner emotional space.
I am motivated to do what is needed for personal and professional growth.
I make time to listen to my higher self and open my mind and heart to new insights.
I feed my body mind and spirit nourishing food.
I surround myself with respectful caring individuals.

July is filled with several significant astrological events, including the Venus retrograde and Uranus station retrograde.


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