July Astrology 2018



July 2018 Monthly Astrology forecast coming soon, bookmark this page to check back in late May Early June. Big event this month will be Solar Eclipse in Cancer

July Astrology 2017

July begins with an emotional longing to move towards deeper fulfillment in all aspects of life, although especially in seeking to live a place you love along with having the comfort and safety for yourself and family.  The Sun in Cancer, Chiron station retrograde, Venus conjunct Sedna and Mars opposite Pluto is the recipe for not only the urge for greater happiness, but also the will to find the path that leads to the proverbial end of the rainbow.

The first week of July the energy shifts are palpable with Venus moving into friendly and chatty Gemini and Mercury into showy Leo and staying in the respective compatible signs for 3 weeks. These two planets bring and ease and flow to hanging out with friends sans pressure as you enjoy events and activities July offers you.

The full moon in Capricorn on the 8th/9th is full of purpose and passion. A deep desire to be in control of your personal and profession world take on a life of its own. The build up begins on Friday with a let me out of here exit from work and lights a fire in the mind that inspires new possibilities of how and where to earn your living.

Mars, the planet action, enters Leo on the 20th. When Mars goes into Leo it is a collective vibe of “how do I get someone else to do what I don’t want?”  Mars will be hanging out in Leo for a couple of months, you might consider hiring help to take care of chores that you feel don’t live up to your talents and abilities and focus your energy on more creative endeavors. Thoughts turn to romance and fun when the sun makes its grand entrance into Leo on the 22nd and the next day the moon catches up to the sun heralding in the unusual event of having of having two Leo new moons within a cycle. (The next one in August is the solar eclipse)

When the universe sends us 2 new moons in the same sign and one of the two is the solar eclipse it will do us well to sit up and listen. What the new moon in Leo is all about is connecting to the wisdom in your heart, opening your heart chakra and following your heart. It is the time of year to get closer to what you love to do, and redesign your life to be an authentic expression of who you are.

I guess the universe really wants us to get this message, sending not only two new moon in Leo but having the solar eclipse giving an extra wake up and smell the coffee message with it. As we head into 2018 and beyond, it will be harder to make the changes your heart and higher self are longing for. My suggestion is not to waste time and discover once again what it felt like to be a child believing in possibilities and figure out what you can do that makes sense at this point in your life.

Mercury is moving into Virgo, the sign it rules and can help with all the details of making the changes you want in life. The last days of July Venus takes over as the void planet leaving the end of the days with sweetness and pleasure as she says goodbye to spending the last weeks in Gemini and prepares to step into Cancer on the 31st shifting desires to comfort and family as we greet August.

July Astrology 2016

July 1st marks our half way point of the year. Even though our individual New Year begins with our birthday, and the halfway point is 6 months later, the pull of the collective conscious is powerful in marking these important times. The full moon makes its entrance on the first day in July with a resounding here I am, let’s rejoice in all that is good and with it a feeling of it is time to embrace experience and get moving.
Today’s full moon message is to challenge ourselves to moving beyond our normal comfortable boundaries with the internal question of “Why can’t I do/have/be all that I imagine?” thoughts. Open your heart to sharing and receiving.
And yet with all the hopeful enthusiasm to surge forward towards the life you want there is an underlying frustration that can either block you or inspire you to get moving. The full moon is loosely connected to Mars and Pluto, how well you can get out of your own way will become apparent in two weeks at the next new moon.

This full moon is a time to release fear and frustration from the past; let go and move forward. Cancer wants to be safe and can retreat from situations that challenge your comfort zone. Where do you play safe in life because you fear failed expectations or hurt feelings? Now is a time to challenge old patterns and break free from the cloak that once brought you safety but now is a deterrent to your growth.
Mercury is the strongest planet in the sky now (in its rulership), and is in a harmonious connection between Uranus and the Jupiter/Venus conjunction. In quiet moments you can have sudden insights that open up new possibilities to love and a happy heart. This can come through suddenly recognizing what your next step is, or from clearing out negative thoughts that have blocked your path.

Affirmations for the Capricorn Full Moon.
My work life and home life is in balance and brings me satisfaction.
I let go of any feelings of embarrassment or regrets from the past.
My emotional body is healthy. Others emotional tantrums do not alter my inner emotional space.
I am motivated to do what is needed for personal and professional growth.
I make time to listen to my higher self and open my mind and heart to new insights.
I feed my body mind and spirit nourishing food.
I surround myself with respectful caring individuals.

July is filled with several significant astrological events, including the Venus retrograde and Uranus station retrograde.


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