Jupiter Return

Jupiter in astrology is considered the planet of blessings and opportunity. Jupiter is also considered a teacher. Events that enter into your life during a Jupiter transit can bring you new awareness and ideas that expand your view. There is much to learn under Jupiter. Jupiter gifts are the can do attitude.

If you have been reluctant to try something new then the confidence that Jupiter brings will help you leave the nest of your comfort zone and push you to spread your wings.

In astrocartography when you relocate to your Jupiter line life seems pleasant and full of opportunities.

The downfall of Jupiter happens to individuals who are on a path that is unhealthy, unethical or immoral in someway. With Jupiter you can “get lucky”. The feeling with Jupiter is everything will somehow turn out OK. The gambler who has lost the last seven games in a row and who now is betting the rent check on a poker game has the feeling that this time I will win. The thief who breaks into a store thinking that he will not get caught has a strong Jupiter, and when a person is under Jupiter you can get away with things, when Saturn comes along that is when you pay for your discretions.

Jupiter Return Take a risk and expand your life

You have your Jupiter return about every 12 years; 11.8 to be more precise, at 12 years, 24, 36, 47-48, 59-60, 70-72, 81- 83 and 94.
When Jupiter is in your Sun Sign it is a time to embrace the gifts of Jupiter.

Jupiter through the years

When was your Jupiter Return? Find Jupiter in your natal chart then check below. Think back to what that year was like and if you missed any opportunities that presented themselves. Many times it is only in hindsight that see what was in front of us all along as a golden opportunity to grow and move beyond our limited sense of self. Even small things, like saying no to a friend who wanted to go on an adventure but you didn’t risk taking the time off from work.

2011– Aries – May 11th enters Taurus

2012– Taurus – June 11th enters Gemini

2013—Gemini – June 26th enters Cancer

2014—Cancer – July 17th enters Leo

2015—Leo – Aug 11th enters Virgo

2016—Virgo – Sept 9th enters Libra

2017—Libra – Oct 10th enters Scorpio-

2018—Scorpio – Nov 8th enters Sagittarius

2019—Sagittarius – Dec 2nd enters Capricorn

2020—Capricorn – Dec 17th enters Aquarius

2021—Aquarius – May 13th enters Pisces – July 29th Aquarius –Dec 29th Pisces

2022—Pisces – May 10th

May 10th 2022 Jupiter enters Aries- From Oct 28th short dip back into Pisces until Dec 20th Aries
Dec 20th Jupiter moves into Aries